Media Design

Creating artistic, rich, and visually striking media is what we strive for with every show. We use a variety of software to get all kinds of effects and have created our own worflow to allow for speedy changes even on large resolution media. We work with all kinds of different mediums. Everything form LED walls, projection, to lighting effects.

Creative Solutions

Infusing technology with design is what we love doing. Designing stages, content rasters, previsualization, technology and how it all gets put together is what we love doing. Through understanding the technical side, we can design shows that aren't only beautiful but will also be feasible. We work with your budget to create visually striking shows.

Software Design

Need to do something custom? We can make that happen. We work with a variety of software languages to create generative effects and visuals for clients that are both interactive and engaging. We also partner with media server companies to work with them in generating all kinds of special effects for our shows. Everything from live tracking to custom particle generation.

Hardware Design

Is there a technology that you haven't seen on the market? Let us create it for you. We work with a lot of microcontrollers and sensors to create unique shows and effects. We've also invented products for automation, user experiences, and computer controllers.